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From the spirited sole trader to the dynamic small business owner and the titans of vast corporations, the stewardship of tax and accounting affairs can shape one's financial destiny.

Our tax accountants in Perth recognize this gravity. We don't just offer services; we craft tailored strategies, understanding the unique intricacies of each enterprise. With us, you gain more than just expertise; you secure a partnership.

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    We are committed to helping you to effectively manage your business responsibilities and achieve your goals. Whether you are a sole trader, own a small business or run a large company, how you look after your business tax and accounting can affect your business' financial situation.

    Professional Tax Accounting Services Perth

    TFP Tax : The Professional Tax Accounting Services in Perth That Will Make You & Your Business Succeed

    In the vibrant business landscape of Perth, success centers on various factors, and sound financial management is undeniably at the core. At TFP Tax, we recognize the pivotal role that professional tax accounting services in Perth play in ensuring business triumph. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, we are the driving force behind countless entrepreneurs and businesses achieving their goals. In this article, we will explore into the essential role of professional tax accounting services in Perth and why TFP Tax is the go-to partner for your financial success.

    Professional tax accounting services in Perth

    Professional tax accounting services in Perth are the cornerstone of every thriving business. In a dynamic regulatory environment, staying compliant with tax laws, optimizing tax strategies, and managing financial records can be overwhelming for business owners. This is where the expertise of TFP professional tax accountants in Perth becomes indispensable.

    Perth's business landscape is diverse, encompassing startups, SMEs, and large enterprises across various industries. Regardless of the size or sector, businesses need tailored tax solutions that align with their unique financial goals. TFP's Professional tax accounting services in Perth not only ensure compliance but also help businesses legally reduce their tax liabilities, freeing up resources for growth and innovation.

    We're proud to be one of the best tax accountants in Perth. Understanding the distinctive needs of Perth businesses, our aim is to be a 'one stop' shop that offers a range of services necessary to help your business grow and flourish. In this rapidly changing world, business needs to be agile and that means your tax advisors need to continually provide services that suit the tailored demands of your business aligning traditional and emerging expertise in an unbroken service. With the expertise and skills from our team of best tax accountants in Perth, we're able to connect and craft solutions across accounting, business advice, taxation, superannuation, and bookkeeping. We're a team of expert tax accountants in Perth focused on creating opportunity for business owners to grow.

    As a best tax advisor in Perth, we offer a fully diversified range of tax return services in Perth including but not limited to:

    1. Individual Tax Return: Individuals who are resident for tax purpose in Australia are required by law to lodge their individual tax returns every year by stipulated due date.
    2. Sole Trader Tax Return: Someone who alone runs the business in his/her own name also has obligation to file periodic returns including the annual tax return.
    3. Partnership Tax Return: A group of two or more people carrying out a business together also needs to lodge periodic tax return including Partnership tax Return at the end of every Financial Year.
    4. Company Tax Return: An artificial legal entity having its own rights and distinct from its directors/shareholders. The company might have several tax lodgment obligations such as periodic BAS/IAS returns, annual Company Tax Return etc.
    5. Trust Tax Return: Trust is not a separate legal entity but rather a relationship between a trustee who holds interest in the trust. This may also have regular filing requirement including the Annual Trust Tax Return.
    6. Investment Property Tax Return: The owners of the investment properties which may be under different business structure such as Individuals/company etc. Our best tax advisors are very professional in dealing with how to incorporate every single penny of your legally allowed potential rental property deductions to maximize your tax refunds.
    7. Late Tax Returns: It is mandatory to lodge a tax return in Australia unless you are below the tax-free threshold or tax-exempt. Our team of dedicated tax consultants will assist you in proceeding if this is the case.
    8. Deceased Estate Tax Return: The tax return of the deceased person needs to be filed for all the years until passing away.
    9. BAS and IAS Returns: Mandatory to lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS) and/or Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) to the ATO at least once a year depending on the turnover and classification of the business.
    10. PAYG Income Tax Variations: Varying the income tax instalment of their expected annual income may be cumbersome for the businesses which our expert team of tax advisors can easily handle and will set you free from any cash flow related issues based on your precise legal requirement.
    11. Payroll Tax Return: A periodical Return mandated by the states/territories based on their payroll expenses turnover. This may have the lodgment frequency of monthly to annual depending on size and turnover of the business. Our expert team at TFP Tax Accountants are here to help in this matter.
    12. Company and trust set-up and advice: Either you are attempting to enter into the Australian business market for any sort of business dealings or thinking of switching to different business structures based on your tailored circumstances, our tax return Perth team will assess your customized circumstances and advice further on what entity set up to opt for and what not!

    Your Trusted Tax Agents in Perth

    Taxation is an unavoidable aspect of our financial lives, but it doesn't have to be a burden as most people take this. Smart tax planning can significantly impact your financial health and future financial goals. We believe that paying the right amount of tax - not a cent more, not a cent less - is every taxpayer's objective. This is where our tax consultant team's expertise shines. Our dedicated team of TFP tax advisors in Perth is here to show you how to legally lower your tax liability while securing the maximum benefits you deserve.


    Why choose TFP Tax Accountant in Perth?

    Based on our proven performance track record of highly satisfactory diversified clients and by virtue of a highly experienced team of tax advisors and consultants who can professionally deal with all spectrums of business and tax regime, it's worthwhile to obtain service from TFP tax Perth. Try our service once and you endeavor to stay with us forever!

    What Services do you Offer?

    At TFP tax Accountants, our service ranges from provision of bookkeeping services to business advisory and consultation, tax support for all year around, business set up for new start-up aspirants, provision of payroll services and necessary compliances, and all full range accounting services required for Australian businesses and individuals.

    Iā€™m New to Setting up a Business. How can an Accountant Help me?

    Whilst starting up a business viz. the type of structure that suits your needs, we can assist you to make a few important decisions, registrations and lodgment obligations. Once you have decided we will also assist you to set up business, apply for ABN, TFN and any other registrations required under the law.

    Do you Prepare Tax Returns?

    We offer a comprehensive range of tax return services for different tax set ups such as individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts, not for profits and so on. Whether you are a sole trader or a director of company, or a salaried employee, we endeavor to tailor our customized services based on your individual tax needs to maximize your tax returns.

    Do you Offer Consulting Services?

    At TFP Tax Accountants, our business advisors utilize their skills and expertise in providing a dedicated, personal service to Perth-based businesses. They specifically help business owners plan and implement new business development strategies.

    Is TFP Tax Able to Work with Different Software Applications?

    TFP has a strong team of bookkeepers and accountants having a strong grasp of most of the accounting software used by SMEs such as Xero, Myob, QuickBooks, Dext, Handy soft etc. We deem ourselves as an expert whether you need our expertise in embarking on new software for your business or want to switch/migrate to another accounting software. We Are Xero certified, Quickbooks pro advisors and MYOB experts, we could help with your bookkeeping needs. Our team is trained in all areas of bookkeeping and process implementation for businesses.

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    We are not just your average bookkeepers & accountants or business advisers. We are leading tax agents and for us, every client is more than a number.





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    Our testimonials tell you all you need to know about how we help our clients with first-rate service. We as a reliable accounting firm in Perth, pride ourselves on our proactive approach to your businesses accountancy needs and that is why producing and auditing your annual accounts is about much more than making you compliant.

    Benjamin Pynt
    Benjamin Pynt
    Kamal at TFP has helped with my tax return for multiple years. Kamal and his team have provided speedy, accurate and holistic advice and services to lawfully maximise my returns.
    bhavya nagpal
    bhavya nagpal
    Excellent service from Mr. Kamal. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and professional in his work. Thank you so much !!! Highly recommended šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘šŸ‘
    Bikram Shakya
    Bikram Shakya
    Exceptional service. Understood our requirements very well and acted accordingly in a timely manner. Kept us updated on progress every step. We highly recommend TFP Tax consultants.
    Ashok Raj Giri
    Ashok Raj Giri
    As a repeat customer, our second property acquisition with Kamal Sharma and his team from TFP Tax Accountants exceeded expectations. His expert guidance secured us the best mortgage rates, tailored to our financial situation, and optimized a refinance for our previous property. Remarkably, Kamal's coordination with all involved parties was seamless, making the process a breeze. He's more than a broker; he's the architect of our home ownership dreams, consistently delivering excellence. Heartfelt thanks for making it all possible!
    Lee Mei Chen
    Lee Mei Chen
    Very good and efficient service. They really good on their field and most important polite and quick
    Prah Space
    Prah Space
    Kamal is very Professional and Friendly Over the years he has provided excellent services. I highly recommend TFP Accountants.
    Sarel Klopper
    Sarel Klopper
    Thanks to Kamal Sharma from TFP Tax Accountants Perth for his personal and professional service. Kamal is very knowledgeable in his field. I can recommend him and TFP Tax Consultants based on the service they have provided me.
    Rachelle Thomson
    Rachelle Thomson
    Kamal and the team from TFP tax accountants have been so great and the best tax accountants I have ever used. They always explain everything and go above and beyond to make the process seamless and less stressful than it needs to be. Thank you so much for your amazing service TFP tax accountants!

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