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Tax Time-FIFO/DIDO Workers

What to claim () and what Not to (×)

Expenses Type ×


  •         Cost to buy/hire/repair/clean:
  • Protective clothing and footwear that are worn to protect you from the risk of illness or injury under rigorous work conditions such as steel-capped boots, non-slippery safety shoes, fire-resistant clothing, Gloves & hardhats, Safety helmet and earmuffs, Sunglasses, and sunscreen if you work outdoors.
  • A compulsory uniform strictly/consistently enforced by the employer & is sufficiently distinctive to your employer.
  • A non-compulsory uniform registered with AusIndustry.
  •          Cost to buy/hire/repair/clean conventional (everyday) clothing such as jeans or plain shirts you wear for work.
  •          Deduction if your employer pays for/reimburses you for these expenses.


Vehicle/Car/Travel Expenses:


  •        If you travel less than 5000 km, following cent/km regime, you can simply claim a set allowance of 78 c/km for the year ended 30 June 2023. ( Note: if you keep valid logbook under logbook method, the apportionment of personal and employment usage should be backed by written evidences of your car expenses.)
  •         The costs of trips between home and work if you carry bulky tools/equipment for your work essential for your employment duties and there is no secure storage for the items at your workplace.
  •         Travel expenses (meals/accommodation/fares/incidental) if you travel away from your home overnight while performing your employment duties. (Note: Rules may vary depending on FIFO/DIDO arrangements).
  •        The ordinary costs of traveling from home to airport and vice-versa in your vehicle/ride sharing.
  •          Travel costs that are paid/reimbursed by your employer.



Other Expenses:


  •          Work-related portion of other expenses that relate to your employment, including:
  • renewing special license, permit, card or certificate to continue to perform your work duties.
  • telephone/internet costs showing your work-related use records.
  • Sunscreen/sunhats/sunglasses if you spend prolonged periods in outdoors
  •          Expenses of private/personal nature such as childcare, personal subscriptions, fines, driver’s license etc.
  •         Initial cost of getting license/permit.
  •          Costs met/reimbursed by your employer
Meal & Snacks:


  •         Actual cost of overtime meal expenses under an industrial law/award/agreement which is included in your assessable income.
  •          Cost of food/drinks/snacks you consume during your normal working hours


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